Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hopkins TM Clinic Neurology 68:1615-6 2007

Utilized ASIA a-e scale (a is complete disability and e is normal) for spinal cord as well as EDSS. Authors routinely treat all patients with pulse solumedrol, give some plasmapheresis every other day for five exchanges, pulse cytoxan iv (9750-1000 mg/m2) or combination. "N" for four groups was 66, 32, 13, and 11 respectively in this retrospective review.

Conclusions: 1) Among TM patients without an ASIA A level of disability at nadir or history of AI disease, PLEX provided benefit beyond steroids 2) Among patients with ASIA A presentation, PLEX alone did not help, whereas PLEX plus IV CP helped. 3) if ASIA A was not reached, CP did not add benefit.

Severe recurrent myelitis in hep c

Aktipi et al. Neurology 2007; 68:468-9. Among 59 cases on non MS severe recurrent transverse myelitis were 7 cases with hep C. Only one of the patients knew about hep C at the time of diagnosis. Steroids failed in 4/7. IVIG and alpha interferon were also used. 6 cases had polyradiculoneuritis with enhancement of lumbar roots on MRI. (Italy) NMO antibodies were not looked at.