Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Quick hits from the AAN 2008

1. Mycophenolate mofetil (Cellcept) was used to treat 25 patients with NMO and NMO "spectrum" disorders and was effective overall
2. DPB1*0501 allele was represented in Asian NMO but not Caucasian NMO
3. 15 individuals in 7 families were found with familial NMO, a small number suggesting a complex genetic susceptibility
4. Japanese opticospinal MS had 2 groups: one antibody positive and one negative to aquaphorin. The negative group had a marked peripheral Th1 shift.
5. 47 patients (1.3% of MS sample) were found in a study in Turkey
6. Fatigue is less common in NMO than in MS between attacks
7. Four patients with cervical spinal stenosis were misdiagnosed with NMO. They all were antibody negative and did not respond to immune modulation but did to surgery.
8. In 2 Italian patients, celiac disease may have triggered NMO
9. In a Chinese study of NMO patients, brain lesions were common.
10. In Japan, brain lesions developed AFTER starting interferon B1b in NMO in 2 patients.


GlutenFreeRD@aol.com said...

I am interested in more information about #8
"In 2 Italian patients, celiac disease may have triggered NMO"

Neurodoc said...

poster number p05.061 p a268 authors Roberto Bergamaschi and Paolo Crivelli described 2 caucasian patients one 41 the other 24 with CD who subsequently developed NMO. Interestingly the patients had benign outcomes with no sequelae and the authors thought CD somehow boosted reparative processes.